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Welcome to Tiny Island!

The place of serenity and picturesque beauty became home for the adorable tiny people. But even in a tiny world there’re huge challenges and tiny people need your help. Take the role of their God and assist them in their tiny but important things.


Although be patient and careful with it since your only divinity tools are the chopsticks…

Монтажная область 6_4x.png

Tiny Island’s features:

- hugely entertaining questlines
- chopsticks as a core in-game control tool

- the wonderful art style and sound design

- meditative and violence-free VR gameplay
- sandbox mode where you can

embrace your creativeness 
- dozens of fluffy and hilarious

interactions with the environment
- strategic gameplay elements

including resources and

building management

Монтажная область 6_4x.png
Монтажная область 11_2x.png
Монтажная область 21_2x.png
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